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“Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made Of”

February 8, 2012

As a devout N.Y. Giants fan… or one of the “Big Blue” or “GMEN” family… I am so proud to be a New Yorker after the win against the New England Patriots!!! So CONGRATS BIG BLUE !!!!


Lets have a part two (or possibly three when you look at it) next year!!!! Read more…

C is for Cabo… and Churro

January 11, 2012

This past Christmas my family decided to do something far from our traditional Christmas, and spent the holidays in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!! It was the most beautiful, and perfectly timed trip we’ve ever taken. The views were spectacular, the weather was perfect, the people fantastic, and the food was DELICIOUS!! So even though the holidays have past I thought there should be at least one or two posts of homage to this fabulous family vacation!

One of our meals was spent at a gorgeous hotel called la Hacienda. Now, don’t get me wrong our hotel was stunning, but la Hacienda was breath taking! We had a traditional Mexican meal… yes, of course it included Tequila!!! … instead of picking our own main courses we asked our waiter to choose every part of the meal, and every choice was delicious!!

I think my favorite part of Mexican food is how colorful it all is. The colors are such a good representation of how flavorful and fresh the food is. Above we had a mixed platter of sorts with everything from pork to fried cheese {definitely worth a try} and an assortment of vegetables!

To top everything off we had two desserts that were out of this WORLD!!

1. Churros

2. Tres Leches, also known as Milk Cake

So if nothing came of this delicious meal besides a much needed workout plan, it was totally worth it every last bite!

What scrumptious meals have you eaten lately?

xox A

Playoffs Need… Cupcakes!

January 9, 2012

WOOT WOOT the New York Giants, Big Blue, or GMEN have made it to the PLAYOFFS!!!! This was the first playoff game in the new Giants stadium and guess who got to go… ME!!!!! (with my Dad, Sister, and friends) Of course we were tailgating and we were asked to bring desserts; so I made my brownies and whole wheat cupcakes with butter cream frosting!! YUMMY !!!

These cupcakes attracted  A LOT of attention… so much so we made friends on our way to the tailgate!!

Pre- Game Fam Photo

A Grand Entrance

Post Game Photo Fun!!! —> As you can see we are very happy and on the way to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!

xox A

Ringing in the New Year

December 31, 2011

New Years Eve is one of those few nights a year you can go all out when dolling yourself up. Although sequins are usually the first thing we reach for this year why not go for something different?



This year since I can’t wear heels I am looking to embrace my masculine side in a lbd, a cream tuxedo blazer, and a pair of patent loafers…pass me a cigar & I’ll be invited to the gentlemen’s smoking room!

What are you reaching for this NYE?
xoxo A

Family Fun in the Sun

December 28, 2011

This Christmas season my family decided to do something different from our normal seasonal traditions… we went to Mexico! Instead of spending the holidays in the cold we opted for a vacation in the sun, and boy was it worth it!!

Some family snapshots….



We were lucky to get pretty much all of the major flavors of Cabo while on our trip! If you get the chance to head south of the border I highly recommend eating at the office, it is a restaurant on the beach with awesome entertainment and even better food! Get a table for 6 o’clock and stay all night … it’s worth it! Of course a trip to Cabo wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Arches, or without a taste of their finest tequila!!!

How is your Christmas season going?

xox A

Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2011

Coca Cola Cupcakes

December 12, 2011

So during our last week of classes, while the last bits of projects are being finished and exams are beginning, my roommate and I decided to make cupcakes!! Yes most college students head to the bars to avoid their last bits of work… well we BAKE!! Since our room couldn’t handle eating 24 cupcakes within a week we thought about who might truly appreciate our procrastination methods; so we baked Coca Cola cupcakes for our retiring Marketing professor (he knows all the flavors of coca cola… did you know at one point there was a CLEAR Coca Cola??).

We used this recipe from A Cozy Kitchen {I highly recommend spending some time drooling over the recipes here}. Ironically we had the same cupcake covers!

Let me tell you whether you are a Coca Cola lover or not {unfortunately for my waistline I am} these cupcakes are fantastic! The coke taste is not so prominent that there is NO reason not to dabble in this recipe !!

Enjoy! Bon Appetit!!

xox A